Welcome to the Støkebird sponsors page! We are incredibly grateful for the support of the businesses and individuals who make this event possible. Without their generosity, Støkebird would not be able to continue as a free event for Ønewheel riders.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our sponsors for their contributions. They are an integral part of the Støkebird community and we are honored to have them on board. Their support allows us to provide an amazing experience for all of our attendees, and we couldn't do it without them.

Please take a moment to check out our list of sponsors and learn more about the businesses and individuals who are helping to make Støkebird happen. We encourage you to support them in return, as they make it possible for us all to come together, ride, and enjoy the community that we all love.

Thank you to our sponsors, we couldn't do this without you. Let's all continue to support each other and make Støkebird a fantastic event for everyone.

Armor-Dilloz sealants are advanced tire sealants designed to provide the ultimate puncture protection and performance for any e-device operating in extreme conditions. With a proprietary blend of ballistic fibers, fast-flow suspensions and wetting agents, variable particle size rubber platelets, and corrosion inhibitors, Armor-Dilloz sealants are the most reliable tire sealants on the market.

ATLOWSHOP is Atlanta's premier Onewheel repair shop, offering expert repair services for all Onewheel models. Their experienced and friendly staff will help customers get back on the road with quality repairs and maintenance. They use only the best parts and tools to ensure the safety and reliability of your Onewheel. Let ATLOWSHOP help you keep your Onewheel running like new!

The Deft Punx are a team of professional OneWheel riders on a mission to spread the stoke and help grow and nurture the incredible community of riders. Led by the team of Jason Baker and Coach Bart Miller, the Deft Punx have their sights set on the podium and are mentoring the next generation of racers. The team is passionate about the OneWheel and actively participates in competitions, events and meets across the US. Their goal is to share the thrill of riding and give back to the community by providing support and guidance to those who seek it. All members of the Deft Punx are united in their mission to inspire and motivate others to experience the joy of riding.

Land-Surf is a leading aftermarket equipment supplier for Onewheel, Lacroix and other PEVs.  Home of the revolutionary XCELL™ wheels, pulleys and titanium bits, as well as their FANGS™ line of bumpers, Land-Surf is the go-to source for all PEV needs. With products designed to meet the needs of all riders, Land-Surf is the premier provider of safe and stylish solutions for the most enjoyable ride.

Oak City Onewheel is a Raleigh-based Onewheel and PEV riders club that hosts the annual Oak City Shred Fest. This weekend event brings together diverse clinics, artisan vendors, food trucks, live music, prizes, and more for a unique North Carolina experience to cultivate the local community. Join them in supporting this growing community event.

FlightFins®, founded by brothers Orie Rush and Michael Woolson, is an innovative Onewheel™ accessory company based in Los Angeles. They have created a range of products that are designed to benefit the Onewheel™ community, including their patented FlightFins® and FlightFender, and the Whisper and T2 tires. The company is driven by a commitment to safety and community, and a passion for creating the best and most enjoyable products for Onewheel™ riders around the world.

The Float Life is a leading aftermarket accessory brand in the Onewheel community, catering to the growing demand of Onewheelers looking for the latest and greatest products and accessories. Founded in Sacramento, The Float Life has quickly become the go-to source for Onewheelers looking for original accessories such as float plates, sidekicks, stands, fenders, tires, bearings, and apparel. With a wide selection of products and an ever-growing reputation, The Float Life is an essential source for any Onewheeler.

Electric Stoke is a company specializing in the production of various slide blocks, spines, bonk blocks, and other toys for Onewheel enthusiasts. With a focus on improving riding skills and experiences, the team at Electric Stoke designs their products to be lightweight, durable, and provide a perfect fit for your needs. The company's products are a result of hundreds of hours and miles of testing on Onewheels, ensuring their superior quality. Whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting out, Electric Stoke has the products to help you make the most of your Onewheel experience and enhance your riding abilities.

The Hoppy Carver is a custom woodworking and sign shop, offering bespoke designs and exceptional craftsmanship. Under the creative leadership of owner and veteran Shawn Schwantes, the shop creates beautiful and unique pieces for clients looking for a truly personalized touch. With a focus on attention to detail and quality, The Hoppy Carver is the perfect choice for those seeking a one-of-a-kind addition to their home or business. Whether you're looking for a custom sign or another type of wooden creation, The Hoppy Carver is ready to bring your ideas to life and add a touch of beauty and distinction to your surroundings.

Instant Trophy Services are provided to Støkebird by The Hoppy Carver, and we are greatly thankful for this fantastic ability!

WitzWheel is a full-time PEV sales and repair facility for Onewheels, and other PEV's founded by Ryan Hurewitz. Specializing in custom builds, repairs, and maintenance, WitzWheel has become a go-to resource for Onewheelers across the globe, visiting events such as Float Fest and Race for the Rail to meet the community's repair needs.

Float Gang is an action sports lifestyle brand founded by two brothers, Edgar and Erick, in 2018. They began as a local Onewheel group in Central Florida and quickly grew into a global movement that celebrates the joy of Onewheeling. Float Gang is dedicated to helping riders stay stoked and spread the stoke through their apparel and accessories.

Miami Boardshop, founded by Cory Boehne and now owned and operated by Chris Richardson, is a long-standing fixture in the Miami area. Known for its exceptional service and repair of Personal Electric Vehicles, Miami Boardshop has been a trusted source for PEV repair and maintenance for over a decade. With its knowledgeable staff and competitive rates, Miami Boardshop has become the go-to resource for local riders.

We are grateful for Wynwood Brewing's continued support of our community, as they were one of the first sponsors to jump on board last year and they have continued to support us this year. Their flagship La Rubia Blonde Ale, Laces IPA, Lock On, Father Francisco, and Pop's Porter are all testament to their passion for crafting high-quality beers, and we're confident you'll love their steeze!  Wynwood Brewing Company is a cornerstone of Miami's thriving craft beer scene. Founded by Luis Brignoni and his father, Luis "Pops" Brignoni Sr., Wynwood is deeply rooted in its founders' Puerto Rican heritage and the artistic energy of the Wynwood Arts District. As Miami's first craft production brewery, Wynwood Brewing has been setting the bar for years with its innovative and delicious beers.

We want to thank the entire team at Wynwood Brewing for their commitment to bringing people together over a cold, delicious beer. Cheers to Wynwood Brewing for being a key part of the Støkebird community and for helping us create memories that will last a lifetime!"

MØB Shop offers a range of services and products created by the owner Jon, who has years of experience in the OneWheel movement, and a deep history in the industry as a founding member of the now defunct "Stoke Life Service." The MØB Shop has earned a reputation for its high-quality repair services, wide selection of accessories, and personal electric vehicles, all of which cater to the growing demand for this segment. With products like Lightning Rails, Fish Bones, Mustache Rails, and newly developed Electric Drift Trikes, inspired by years of watching "The Concrete Gladiator" - The MØB Shop is committed to providing customers with steezy rides that are always ready for their next adventure. With nationwide shipping available, The MØB Shop is the go-to shop for OneWheel enthusiasts across the country.

FloatLife Fest 6 is the world's largest Onewheel gathering of its kind, bringing together riders from around the globe to experience all that Onewheeling has to offer. This year's event takes place at the amazing Camp Grier in Old Fort, North Carolina, offering something for everyone from downhill racing to technical riding clinics with professional riders. With exciting activities such as group rides, the Onewheel park and ramps, vendors, prizes, and a live stream of the event, FloatLife Fest 6 is sure to be an epic experience.

YouFORM is a company that combines decades of experience in extreme sports with the most modern technology in medical foam and orthopedic industry to provide riders with a modular, slide-in hip pad. Created by an avid Onewheel rider, Derek Wilson, the hip pads are designed to provide protection without compromising comfort or style. YouFORM is dedicated to helping riders stay safe and stylish on the streets and trails.

Electric Bigfoot is a company founded by wake skate pioneer Jason Messer. Specializing in OneWheel and hoverboard accessories, the brand offers high-end closed cell foam pads to help riders maximize control and reduce foot fatigue. The pads are designed to provide the ultimate balance and comfort for all types of boards, allowing users to feel like they're riding on air. With Electric Bigfoot, riders can take their boards to new heights.

Diverse Official is a music company with a mission to spread positive messages through their reggae-style island music. Their music has become increasingly popular in Hawaii, and beyond - allowing them to share their unique, uplifting sound with a wider audience. Diverse Official is ready to bring their message of positivity to the world, and is the official sound of Støkebird!

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Drift Sisters is a volunteer run non-profit organization that engages, educates, and empowers women riders through organized Onewheel events.

The International One Wheel Association shapes the electric boardsport and riding community through three foundational cornerstones: Community, Training, and Competition. Encouraging rider safety, community responsibility, an active volunteer membership base and great sportsmanship.

Wheelson is an exciting new game company that brings the thrill of Onewheeling to the digital world. Featuring custom boards from a variety of community brands, players will be able to compete against one another, set individual records, and enjoy a soundtrack from some of today's hottest artists. Developed by Matt and in collaboration with pro riders, Wheelson's innovative game offers a immersive experience for anyone who loves Onewheeling. Keep up to date on their progress by checking out Wheelson.games or on Instagram @onewheelsongames.

Find the Støkebirds in the game for extra steezy tricks!

Yo Miami is an innovative creative agency that has established a diverse network of talented professionals. Representing a wide range of disciplines, from muralists and comedians to breweries and caterers, Yo Miami provides comprehensive creative solutions to bring any vision to life. With over a decade of experience, Yo Miami is the go-to source for any commercial, residential, or other creative needs.

Chicks Dig It, in Jacksonville Florida, is a female-owned and operated landscape design company, offering experienced and creative solutions for your outdoor space. Whether you're looking for a intricate design or just a simple garden tidy up, the team at Chicks Dig It has the skills and vision to bring your ideas to life. With a focus on customer satisfaction, the team at Chicks Dig It works closely with clients to ensure their landscapes meet their desired goals and exceed their expectations. So if you're looking for a unique and personal touch for your outdoor space, look no further than Chicks Dig It, where experienced and creative designers bring your vision to life.

Hydro Fire Show is not your ordinary entertainment service  - Paul Stoeppleworth and his team put on a truly unforgettable show. Using a water-powered flying board, Paul takes things to the next level with massive flame throwers and huge balls of sparks made from burning steel. Watching him in action, you'd swear he was the real Ironman.

If you're looking to add some serious heat and excitement to your next event, you need to check out HydroFire Show. They deliver a truly premium experience that you won't find anywhere else. Thank you to Paul and the HydroFire team for their incredible support of Stokebird. 

Chameleon Rails are innovative removable metal rail covers for OneWheel machines that solve the problem of having to commit to the same rail guard covers for a long period of time. They offer versatility and flexibility by allowing riders to easily change their rail guards as often as they change their pants, without having to waste and throw away their rail guards. Riders can attach standard rail guards, paint them, add stickers or ride them bare metal. Made of durable 26-gauge sheet metal, the rails only weigh about 11 ounces per pair and will not affect the riding style. Chameleon Rails offer a freedom of expression and allow riders to collect rails that match their favorite kicks or snapbacks, and even swap them with their friends.

GearTek, founded by James Gearhart, provides high-quality solid wood rail guards for GT and other Onewheels. Made from materials like walnut, maple, and bamboo, they are crafted to fit your Onewheel's rails perfectly, ensuring they look sleek and stylish while protecting it from damage. The rail guards are easy to install and remove without affecting the Onewheel's normal functioning. GearTek's solid wood rail guards are an ideal choice for Onewheel enthusiasts who seek elegance and protection for their ride.

Individual & LOCAL BUSINESS DOnors

Thank you to the following individuals who have graciously donated to Støkebird!